Most vehicle owners will agree that the transmission is a key component of their vehicle. A faulty transmission will make it very challenging to make your vehicle operate in the correct gear or to even turn the wheels. It’s important to get as much as possible performance and durability from your car transmission. But how exactly can you do this?

Well, below are five simple tips that will help you get long life and real value out of your car’s transmission.

1. Start checking the transmission fluid

How many times have you opened the hood to check the engine oil, steering fluid, or even the wiper fluid without giving a thought to the transmission fluid? Although transmission fluid change cost is usually not expensive, this is needed to keep your transmission running optimally. You can always check this when you change the oil or at least once a few times a year. It’s also important to use transmission fluids that are suitable for your vehicle. You can always check your owner’s manual for the recommended ATF for your vehicle.

2. Servicing the vehicle right way

It’s always important to stick to your regular service routine. This should also be done according to the guidelines in your manual. The transmission fluid, as well as the fluid filter, should also be changed periodically. For older cars, you’ll want to do this every one and a half years or anywhere between 20,000 to 30,000 miles. New cars will be fine with two-year periodical changes or every 40,000 to 50,000 miles. Most manufacturers would expect you to change the fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles cover, for manual transmissions. Under heavy-duty use, you may consider changing the fluid after 15,000 miles. Automatic transmissions can be serviced anywhere from 30,000 miles or longer.

3. Don’t ignore warning signs

Funny sounds, grinding gears, strange smells, or droplets of red or green fluid on the garage floor all point to transmission problems. If you want your transmission to remain fully functional for a long time, things like these should not be delayed or ignored. This can prove very expensive, going forward.

4. Check your driving style

You may have to check your driving style for bad habits that may put your transmission at risk. These can include quick starts and stops as well as constant acceleration and deceleration. You’re better off with an even speed or perhaps using cruise control when you’re on the highway.

5. Invest in a transmission cooler

Transmission coolers can help you get more life out of your transmission. This will help keep heat under control while also keeping the fluid very cool. This is necessary since heat can cause substantial damage to your transmission. It can damage the seals, the electronic components, and the metal surface. This can easily prolong your transmission’s lifespan by as much as twice or thrice than you can get without a cooler.


There you have it! All five tips that will help you get a longer useful life out of your transmission. And as it turns out, adhering to this will also save you a lot of troubles and expenses that come with transmission failures. Going forward, you’ll discover that this is all worth it!


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